Process Server Birmingham

and nationwide throughout the UK

Our experienced Process Servers will carry out your instructions and serve your papers professionally, on time.

We cover the entire country so can be your single source of service for the following:

  • Serving Writs
  • Serving Summons or claim forms
  • Serving Divorce petitions
  • Serving Court orders
  • Serving Statutory demands
  • Serving Bankruptcy or winding up petitions
  • Serving Family proceedings
  • Serving Injunctions

If you need urgent documents served, we will serve them within 24 hours if required anywhere in the UK.

Birmingham Process Servers

We’ll collect documents within a 15-mile radius of Birmingham City Centre, or you can email them to us (including large files). There may be a nominal charge for printing. Call or email for Process Server Birmingham.

Our approach can be firm when required but because we know how delicate and different every situation can be, our process servers are trained to understand, help and empathise. That’s why our success rate is so high, and we’ll serve your papers when you need them served

On completion of the service, affidavits, statements of truth and certificates of service will be prepared and sworn within 24 hours.

Our agent will make 3 attempts to serve your papers and we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the process. This’ll help us glean more information if required, feedback, so you know what’s going on and ensure a successful outcome.

It may require an out of hours attendance or a change of location – and that’s all included in our standard fee.

We serve papers over the weekend and are happy to liaise with clients at any time.

On many occasions it has taken some tactical enquiries with neighbours to enforce services of papers too, which is all part of our service.

Everything we find out will be reported and communicated, and when the job is done, you’ll receive the relevant proof of service that’ll be concise and court compliant.

We’d be happy to discuss your process serving requirements so give Lorna a call on 0121 744 4689

Frequently Asked Questions About Process Serving

How much does a process server cost?
Process Serving costs between £75 and £120 for most regular non urgent services. Urgent service can cost more up to around £250 per service.

What is the process for serving divorce papers?
Divorce papers require personal service ideally but if a process server can prove that the Respondent is avoiding service then a Judge may rule that they can be served via an alternative method which is usually by posting by hand through the letter box or via Royal Mail. An example of this would be that the process server would attend the home address of the Respondent, confirm that they continue to reside at the address on a regular basis. Then a letter of appointment would be sent enclosing the documents and offering an appointment time. From this contact would either be made an appointment agreed or if no contact is received the process server would attend the appointment. If the Respondent does not attend the appointment all of this information is put into a statement which can be sent to the Court for a Judge to rule an alternative method.

What does process serving mean?
Process Serving is the service of any legal document usually by an agent who is referred to as a process server.

How does process serving work?
The usual method of process serving is for the required legal documents to be forwarded to a process server/agency that undertakes process serving via email or post. These documents are then taken to the required address of the individual or Company that they are to be delivered to and then handed to the relevant party or an officer/person authorised to accept service on behalf of the relevant party.

Who does process serving?
Process Serving is usually carried out by a process server or an agency that undertakes process serving.

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