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Keith Parsons Enquiry Agency is one of the oldest, most experienced and well respected, family run enquiry agencies in Birmingham.

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Finding people with our Nationwide Tracing Service

Why Choose us?

Our vast level of experience and simply because we’re good at what we do, we’re trusted by some of the largest law firms in Birmingham and work all over the UK on their behalf.

Our private clients recommend us on a regular basis and as far as we’re concerned that says a lot and we’re very grateful.

Plus, we respond quickly and have a very high success rate, we thrive on getting results for you.

To find out how we started out as an enquiry agency you can take a look on our about us page which goes into a little more detail.

“I acknowledge receipt of the statement of service for which I thank you. I wish to express my gratitude for the excellent standard of service that your firm
achieves whenever called upon. Yours faithfully, David W”


“Thank you so much for your quick service, my son has now found his father after 15 years thanks to you, I’m so glad you were recommended to me. Can’t thank you enough”

SabrinaTracing Service

“We really do appreciate everything you have done for us through this crisis and would not want any of this to effect the good relationship we have with you!”

Jerome O’RyanInterim Assistant Director, Birmingham Children’s Trust

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If you need to find someone quickly, we can help! And you may be surprised at how little it costs and how successful we can be with minimal information.

Process Serving

If you have legal papers such as statutory demands, bankruptcy petitions, anti social behaviour orders that require serving then look no further. Our experienced agents will get the job done for a fixed fee, usually within 24 hours.

Transcription Services

For all you busy lawyers and legal services firms we have developed a bespoke solution for your digital dictation, transcribing and database management.

Status Reports

The status or financial information for an individual or a credit search of a business can be completed within 24 hours so if you need to find out if your debtor is credit worthy please give us a call.


When you need to know for sure, we’ll get the footage you require including video surveillance for personal injury investigations, long term sickness, insurance claims and indeed any request where video evidence is a requirement.

Road Traffic Accidents

We will assist you or your client with a detailed and thorough investigation into a Road Traffic Accident. We will provide digital photographs, detailed sketch plan, measurements and can also take statements.

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